Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Operating System of the Human Mind (MindOS), Dr Paul

Dr Paul conceived a concept that a human mind had an operating system; he called the MindOS.
Why should you care about this MindOS? If you are the kind who:
  • make negative "I am" statements to yourself,
  • have lack self-confidence
  • low self-esteem
Perhaps this target-sight image can help you.

Also, do you know how...
  • overconfidence, and
  • being too nice, or
  • too kind
... can make you unhappy?

Perhaps, Dr Paul can help you be enlightened of your inner resources and treasures.

The “E = mc2” of Psychology Has Been Discovered
Imagine your brain like a supercomputer...
MindOS takes the complexity of all methods of psychology supported by research of the last hundred years, explains and implements them in easy, practical, LAYMEN'S terms that we use every day, and speeds your solutions through entirely VISUAL diagrams that appeal to any learning style with point-and-click ease. This is the ONLY complete VISUAL system for business and personal transformation of its kind today. The most advanced "operating system for your mind."

Imagine how easy it would be, if you can have the visual representation and full understanding of Psychology...
MindOS is an entirely VISUAL, DIAGRAMMATIC and ALGORITHMIC approach to personal and business psychology. It combines the easy, practical, inspirational nature of the best-selling anecdotal best-sellers, but throws out any concept not related to and supported by the hard science and research in academic psychology to date.

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